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Im my own little world called BriarLight, NY
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About Me

I Love to write, (well would i be here if i didnt?)
Im in a state of being blocked at the moment, worst moment in my life... I started writting in the third grade and am slowly getting better and better, now in 8th grade, i am working on a Fantasy Fiction story called, Drowning in the Shadows. I might change the name if it doesnt fit the story in the end, not sure. Im not one to actualy enjoy shring my writting, but i do anyway, i guess its mostly because im embarrased or something in that. not sure. I live with my family, two cats, and a dog. My cats are the animals that give me inseration for my writting, im not so good at writting about humans, it bores me sometimes but ya.
I love the topic of social studies and the history of the world, if i had to live in one time in history it would be when there was no cars, electricity, tv, and that stuff. wre everything was pulled by horses and kings and queens ruled. I dont consider myself to be not scocial, i do prefer to be alone and im not one to communicate very much, humans just bug me sometimes. I love to be outdoors, especialy in the rain or in a patch of sunlight. eh, i talk to myself alot, mostly on how to get past things and so on whatever.
I do not belive in footwear, i like to walk around barefoot alot. mostly while im running.