Most of my writing comes from my imagination but there are times when I write from the heart. But most of all, I write for fun.

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About Me

I'm Marilyn. I like to write short stories and poetry. I wrote my first story at the age of 12 and have been keeping a story collection since I was 13 years old. Eventually, I started writing poetry as well. I like to use my imagination when I write. A majority of my poems are about fun things. When I write short stories, I make stuff up. Using my imagination is a lot more fun and a lot easier than trying to do research and getting the facts just right. My writing is very clean, always has been, always will be. So if you're looking for writing with explicit content or profanity, you might as well look elsewhere because I like to keep it clean. As for the general audience, all I have to say is.....enjoy!

My works:

The Chocolate Thunder (2011)
Honesty (2009)
Random Seasons (2009)
flowing free (2009)
Color Slide (2009)
Reversed Universe (2009)
Black Hole (2009)
The Buried Shovel (2009)
The Sky's Top Floor (2009)
flickering heart (2009)
Chocolate Kiss (2009)
why the spark? (2009)
Sky Trap (2009)
Dream Flight With A Friend (2009)
The Green Ranger's Doom (2009)
CD Rainbow (2009)
Nightmare's Moral (2007)
Nightmare's Moral II (2007)
Nightmare's Moral III (2008)
Nightmare's Moral Beginning (2009)
Black Galaxy (2007)
Musical Pathway to the Sky (2008)
Universal Elements of the Planeteer Rings (2008)
Spiritual Wedding (2008)
Sky City (2007)
Second Season (2008)
Ocean Decoy (2008)
Gift-Wrapped Friend (2008)
Dream Flight With A Friend II (2012)

I have a book available on Amazon Kindle called "Legend of the Black Cloud Valley." You can search for it on Amazon or you can access it from my Facebook page called Marilyn's Books. The link to this page is I also have an author page on Amazon.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

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