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Don't Blink, anyone that's ever been here knows what I mean, GA
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About Me

I'm just... Me. I love writing, it's one of my passions. I've been writing since I can remember, but that doesn't go past third grade. It started out as stories of horses, then it went to fanfiction, and now I write my own stories, some with friends, you know who you are. And I hope one day I can be published.

Me, school, and writing. We were forced to start writing stories in third grade, well, other kids were forced, I did it willingly. Although essays and me don't get along, I've never been able to write one correctly. There is my one confession about school, I can't write an essay to save my life. The other is I used to go to school willingly when my mother would have kept me home if I asked her too.

Music is where my inspiration is most of the time. A song can strike a story out of nowhere, and a word can change the way I write it. In my very small music collection, you'll find instrumentals, rock, punk, metal, rap, hip hop, love songs, songs from when my mom was a kid. I have everything, and limiting what I listen to is like limiting what I write.

Reading has got to be my favorite past time when I can't do anything else. Kelly Armstrong, Laurie Stolarz, and Tamora Pierce are some of my favorite writers. My mother's weird friend is a publiushed author, and I suggest all of you go look at his stuff. He's an amazing writer, and I hope one day I get to kill him, because he's afraid of grasshoppers, no I don't want to kill him, maybe put a grasshopper on his shoulder, that should be fun. Http://

Photography is one of the things I love to do when I can't write, though you won't find any pictures of me, I hide from the camera when other people have it. Landscapes and animals are about the only things I can take pictures of and make them look good. I'm not as good of a photography as my mother is, I probably will never be, but I do my best, and that's what counts, right?

My pets. What can I say besides we took most of them off the streets. We, at one point, had ten cats, two rats, and a mouse, but the 7 of the cats were born from one of my cats, and the other three were of course, mama cat, grandma cat, and the uncle that eats the children that gets on his nerves. We now have one dog and nine cats. We had three cats from our mama cat, the rest were kittens we took of the street. The dog. We bought him at a flee market, sometimes I wish we hadn't, but if we hadn't, he probably would be dead. No one wants a german shepherd, husky mix. We had a pitbull that we took from his old owners, no I didn't find him cute and just took him home with me to show my parents, he was starved, it looked like he had been beaten, and he had displaced hips.

My house, if you could call it that. I live in a small, two bedroom trailer, with three other people, and my pets(call me trailer trash, I don't care). The place is a mess most of the time, and we rarely ever keep things in the fridge for more than a day or two. the floors are stained because of my dog, and him taking 7 months to be house broken, grrrr. We barely do out laundry, and I guess I always feel at home because that's how it was in california, minus the dog and add a few rodents and a cat.

Things I want to do before I die: Get a job. Move out. Get a tattoo. Visit Japan. Get published. Put more money on my phone so I can call people. Own and raise wolf-hybrids and horses. Pet a monkey. Ride an elephant. Get back on a trampoline, though my mother would kill me. Learn how to swim properly. Live at sea. Break a bone. Call my ex-best friend a s**t, to her face. Meet Yuna Ito. Learn Japanese. Break off all ties with people I don't like. Kill my blood-brother.

So all of my stalkers can find me: