Do you have a band-aid? Cause I just scraped my knee falling for you

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About Me

Im weird so my stories will be to....I right both stories where the main character is a girl and ones where the main character is a guy.....so most of them are fiction, romance, fantasy, supernatural, teen, and traumatic.
~Interests: Anime, reading, writing, video games, south park, family guy, the Simpsons, the office, poetry:P, TV, texting, hanging out w/people, being random, and AWKWARD SILENCES...
Age: 14 (:P)
gender: not telling!
location: don't try to find me you creep...--___--
I am...: MAJORLY SEXY (lol jk)
Status: single *wink wink* *sexy hair flip* :3
other status: Mischievous <.< ^.^ >.> <.> >.^ ^.<

I like reviews! So please review some of my writings! You don't have to be cheesy or corny or anything...just....say whats on your mind. But don't totally cuss me out cuz....I will find you... lol jk but uh respect my writing cause.....I deserve it? no cause I will respect yours! Plus send me requests if you want me to read and/or review anything. By the way I change my name, like, ALOT so don't worry your not trippin if you see something different tomorrow. Oh um, be crazy and laugh alot your um... friend,
Draegon (or whatever my name is or will be)