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About Me

I'll tell you now that you cannot curb
my enthusiasm for the written word;
so if you judge based on a pitiful blurb
I'll consider your opinion completely absurd.

My efforts go into the section "main"
so if the description is poor lay no blame;
for the inspiration is spent before I explain,
but I know underselling is a crying shame.

I was often the person that other people went to with their problems and dilemmas. Unfortunately I never practised what I preached and very rarely talked about my own problems, believing that I could deal with it. All of this bottling up led to an accumulative build up of pressure, which when coupled with work stress and anxiety led to far greater issues.

I wrote a little when I was about 14-16 and again just before I turned 18, but for a long time very little inspired me to write - until now and I can't stop! Because I've shuffled my writing a little, I've created a list below outlining what was written when, just in case it's important to you.

Some of the things you will read are based on me and others are completely fictitious.

(needless personal backstory removed)

Update Jan 2014: Novel reading is back on and I'm back on WC more regularly, reading and reviewing!
Update Mar 2015: ...So the above didn't last long - it's been a year since I've written anything of note (worth publishing), but I've been busy with non-writey-lifey-stuff. It's probably actually a good thing as it shows I've moved on from where I was...

If you have any questions (if you've got this far without dropping off) just get in touch, otherwise I appreciate any critique - both positive and constructive feedback.

Writing Chronology (my favourites marked with ***, Mature rated writing marked xxx):

Circa 2005-2007:
Cycle Of Love
An Old Letter
Making Music
***Back In '89 ***
***April Fifteen ***
Run Back To Me (original Lyrics) October 2008
***When Will It End (edited 2013) ***
***Inhuman (Circa 2009-10) ***

***Man Of Honour (Circa Feb) ***
Arabica's Travels (Circa March)
My Life's Sum (Circa March)
Alive (Circa March)
Home (Circa March)
Blood Runs Red (Circa Feb)
You Give Me Life (Circa March)
xxxThe Kisser And The Kissed (Feb)
Nature's Sound (March)
xxxHumorous Erotica (Feb)
***Conflicted: Death Of A Foe (Feb) (Teen) ***
The Right To Dislike (March)
Teen Or Mature V1 (June)
People That Care (Feb)
xxxThe Vampire's Feast (June)
Morning Glory (26/6/13)
The Breeze Of Ages (27/6/13)
***Freedom Is Flying (27/6/13)***
What Was It All For? (July 2013)
Torment (03/08/13)
The Beat (03/08/13)
Wake Up (Oct 2013)
Potentially Irreperable Love (Oct 2013)

Depression Writing 2013:
***A Blessing And A Curse (Circa Feb) ***
Deranged (Circa March)
***Confiding in a Friend (May) (Teen)***
***xxxYou Don't Want This (May) ***
Degraded (June)
Cutting A Rut (24/6/13)(Teen)
White Picket Fence (25/6/13)(Teen)
Release (July 2013)
Retreat (July 2013)
Beaten, Broken, Scarred (July 2013)

***Perambulate (11/01/14) ***
Use Yourself (Feb 2014)
The Tongues (Feb 2014)


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Crown Court Censored Rap-Poet (2009-2014) Using urban poetry, I fought back against 'Family Racism' towards my mixed race daughter. Crown court then censored that poetry for five years.

On 1st June, 2014, my poetry censorship will have officially ended. As expected, I shall have lots to say. Your support, thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.

Thank you.

The Elusive Mr Dunne

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Hi, thanks for your friendship.

"Crown Court Censored Poet" (2009-2014)
Using Poetry I fought back against family racism, directed towards my newborn mixed race Daughter. Crown court then censored that poetry for five years.

The Elusive Mr Dunne