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On a hot day in 1990 a happening in Denver changed the course of history. In to the world came a flaming star child, crying and screaming, never ceasing, never blinding to the harsh light of reality. She came with determination. Her goals? To change. To make the entire world a bright sunny world. A world rid of ignorance, starvation and murder.
Power goes to the head, and soon her mind warped. It wasn't about "change." The only way to warp the world wasn't through hugs and leading by example. No. It had to be done through glittering lights and a pounding disco beat.
Ladies and gents, this girl is a "mess of eyeliner and spray paint," the girl you can't forgive and the one who goes out Domino Dancing nightly. Put on a smile. Put on your best Dior suit. Tonight is forever.


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Wish List
by Collin McCarty

Of all the things I wish for you, I would give anything if these wishes could always come true. . . .

I want you to be happy. I want you to fill your heart with feelings of wonder and to be full of courage and hope. I want you to have the type of friendship that is a treasure--and the kind of love that is beautiful forever. I wish you contentment: the sweet, quiet, inner kind that comes around and never goes away.

I want you to have hopes and have them all come true. I want you to make the most of this moment in time. I want you to have a real understanding of how unique and rare you really are. I want to remind you that the sun may disappear for a while, but it never forgets to shine. I want you to have faith. May you have feelings that are shared from heart to heart, simple pleasures amidst this complex world, and wonderful goals that are within your grasp. May the words you listen to say the things you need to hear. And may a cheerful face lovingly look back at you when you happen to glance in your mirror.

I wish you the insight to see your inner and outer beauty. I wish you sweet dreams. I want you to have times when you feel like singing and dancing and laughing out loud. I want you to be able to make your good times better and your hard times easier to handle. I want you to have millions of moments when you find satisfaction in the things you do so wonderfully. And I wish I could find a way to tell you--in untold ways--how important you are to me.

Of all the things I'll be wishing for, wherever you are and whatever I may do, there will never be a day in my life when I won't be wishing for the best. . . for you.