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Felicity, OH
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About Me

Zack Burton. 17.

Art fanatic, book fanatic, tennis fanatic.

Inspirations: Joseph Heller, William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson. Oh, and Michael Smerconish of The Big Talker 1580.

Got bored of being opinionated after witnessing the raw stupidity that goes on in politics. The fragmented opinions I still hold include: Pro-gay, pro-guns, pro-life, pro-Pepsi. MSNBC consists of jerks, FOX consists of retards. CNN is clueless. Watch your local news.

Nihilist, but not atheist.

Straight. Girls smell good.

If you have any questions regarding my background in relation to my writing or beliefs, don't hesitate to ask. My high school history teacher taught me that getting offended was stupid. He's right. So ask anything you want.

On my poetry: I do not give my poems titles. However, in order to offer the reader a slight foretaste of the poem he/she is about to read, I select the first line of each poem as its "title." If you want to, you may select any line from the poem to be its title, or you may give it a different title altogether. Have fun with that.

Also, all of my poetry is rated "Everyone" for the sake of avoiding censorship. Please note that this may not be accurate labeling.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks for the review :)