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About Me

Well, my name is Adam Gonce. I currently, and always have been, and probably will end up dying in(although that doesn't depress me), in Columbus Ohio. Although now that I am done typing that, I read below that there is a section specifically for city. Oh well.
I am nineteen years old, and moved out of my parents house at seventeen. I currently reside in what has been dubbed a s**t hole with my two friends. One of which I will either be in touch with Joseph till we die, or still living with him till then. We are both along the lines of romantics, in an unromantic world.
I have three passions. One of which is my faith in God. Sure, that sounds cheesy as hell, but it is meant in an ironic, yet poetic way. Second, I have a passion for my beliefs. My views on the world and what makes me happy and what makes me sad and angry and laugh are all very important to me. The third, romance. As I said, I am a romantic, so inevitably I would have to have a passion for romance(or is the other way around? Because of my passion for romance I am a romantic?).
I have no real hobbies. Writing I guess. Since I'm here. But other than that...thinking and dicking around. I know that doesn't sound to productive, but productivity tends to lead to the same lack of a sense of gratification. At least for me.
My influences, I guess, are limited. I have been told I write like my favorite poet, Bukowski, and I do not find any turmoil in that idea. We cannot be ourselves with writing, because we have never been by ourselves. We have never allowed ourselves to be the only influence of our ideas, words, or beliefs, so it is not possible to say that I am a completely unique writer.
I am one of those people who believes that there is such a thing as bad writing. If I find your poem to be bad, I may tell you. Why? Because without criticism one cannot allow themselves to be truly great. I see teachers and parents telling children who write that they are good, regardless of what is written on the paper. If it is too much of a sin to be honest, and to tell people that hey, you should find something else. Or hey, you need work here or there, then I guess I like you are a sinner. But, the critic is not an a*****e until the work he is critiquing changes to fit his mindset better than that of the artists. Try chewing on that.
Honestly, nothing fantastic, this character I call me. But in all honesty, I would rather you not worry about the author, but more or less the poetry. So you could just skip over this. Of course, if that was how I truly felt, I would have put this at the top, instead of at the end.