When i hear somebody sigh that life is hard, i am always tempted to ask, "compared to what?"-sydney j harris

hyderabad, AL, India
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About Me

Name is aleem jassani I come from India. I am 24 and I like to write philosophical things. I think I am good at writing but more over I like to help others write. I want to be a very very very good human being a human being who is always there for everyone who lives for everyone I see no caste no colour, I like to spend time with animals and nature.. I want this world to be a better place I pray that everyday. I see good in every human being that is a hobby I never underestimate anyone I think GOD has created everyone beautifully and we all have something unique within ourselves..Life is a gift dont say life is hard,bad or something like that just because you have experienced something bad..see good and bad are always a part of life and will always be a part of life..Try not to hurt anyone ever in life rather be helpful and make others smile always please do that it is very very important. Life is beautiful,life is one and this is the only chance to prove yourself dont listen to others when they say you cannot do this or that because you know you can if you believe in yourself. Every religion teaches the same thing that is to be good,to do good to pray to GOD. "Why be a human when you can be a lot more than that". Life is hard and it will be hard dont just give up.