S. Allison (Ferrante) Sanderson

S. Allison (Ferrante) Sanderson


May God bless everyone!

Highland Village, TX
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About Me

I'm an extremely creative artist of many mediums, an eccentric realist with a naturally poetic personality.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Anyone who reads her poems may think that she is brilliant, insightful and caring, and they would be right on. But, as her Mother, I KNOW she is all of those things and more. This is the tip of the iceberg. I can't begin to comprehend how she juggles all the hats she has to wear and still manages to stay sane enough to have the capacity to reach inside and excavate her true self and then put her feelings into such raw and pure words. I think, that's where it gets tricky for most people. They learn how to wear the hats out of necessity, but tend to lose their true selves in the process. I'll always be thankful to God for giving me Allison and her Sissy Lindsay. For so many reasons, but to stay on topic, they're like a constant northern star for me, reminding me to never stop looking for my true self. I've been such a long way and I can't remember the last time I had it. But, I never give up because I know exactly what it looks and feels like...it's them. The way they sound when they laugh, or brush the hair out of their faces not knowing they are the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. They have the sweetest souls and are always interested in what is right and fair. They manage to stay soft and yet they are the toughest, most resilient people I've ever known. I'm starting to see that I don't really need to look any further than into the eyes of my daughters and their babies to find what I'm looking for.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Happy New Year 2011 Pictures, Images and Photos

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Hello Pictures, Images and Photos

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Posted 15 Years Ago

Wishing for Tomorrow

(Bob Ohlsen)

To see the tulips peek their heads
To see the green of lawns
To feel the warmth of quiet sunshine
To see the your foals romping
But this is winter and I long for spring.

To have a picnic in the park
To see the harvest fields of grain
To see the visitors to the mountain
To ride horseback up the trails
But this is spring and I long for summer.

To see the changing colors of the leaves
To see the children waiting for the bus
To feel the crispness in the air
To see the frost on the garden
But this is summer and I long for fall.

To see the beautiful banks of snow
To see the Christmas lights on trees
To spend some time on the ski slopes
To enjoy a long President's Day weekend
But this is fall and I long for winter.

To wish for seasons still to come
To wish away one's life.
How much better to enjoy the seasons as they are
Than always wishing for tomorrow.