...Theres a madness to my method...

La la land ..., UT
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About Me

You might have noticed, but I live in La la land! And I enjoy it, very thoroughly. (P.S. Watch out, I am not very good at spelling and stuff, seeing as I am not out of school yet. So, please be merciful with your reviews.) 🙂

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or maybe more known to you as a Mormon. I know my savior lives.

Well, now I know if ANYONE Wants to get to know me they should know that I am a GEEEEEEEEK!!! I'm addicted to many many things...

-A-Team (What can I say?! H.M. Murdock is Literally my role model! No jokes!)
-Merlin (Still not done with the series, but thanks to my WONDERFUL friends, I know how it ends! I still love them, though.)
-Doctor Who (Oooooh-weeeee-ooooooh! I love All of the Doctors, including classic!)
-Hogan's Heroes (Maybe not as well known, but still sooooooo funny!)
-Rat Patrol (Weird, but I wouldn't give it up for the world!)
-Avengers (🎶I am IronMan)
-Marvel overall
-Justice League (Barry's ma FAV!)
-DC overall
-Star Trek (New and old!)
-Star Wars (ALL OF IT!!!)
-Sherlock (It might be no emotions on his end, but on mine?)
-Lord of the Rings (Still not finished yet, it's a work in progress, oh, and the Hobbit is also the bomb!)
-Narnia (Again, work in progress!)
-Harry Potter (They never cease to amaze me and make me laugh or cry, no matter how many times I read the books!)
-Chuck (tv show)
-Grimm (The zombie episodes are the best ones!)
-Crimminal minds (I'm not very far, so no spoilers!)
-Back to the Future (I love one, two, and three! And I love Marty! Ha, I just rhymed!)
-FIREFLY! (Not done yet, but it's great!

Well, IDK if I missed something, but if I remember more, I'll put 'em down. :);)