Got my nametag pierced at the tip of your tongue.

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About Me

"Answer." || | Twenty-year-old male with an anchor tied to his teeth. I'm not very careful with my words, as I was never taught to be, but I promise to try and keep you afloat to the best of my abilities.

I do reviews for reviews - all an artist could ever want is to improve and learn to love their work more and more, so if we can be stepping stones to each other's goals, why not reach our goals together? I'll also try my best to review any work that someone read-requests me, so don't feel afraid to make some requests.

For those of you who may feel intimidated to review my book "A List of Things That Do Not Exist," all of the chapters titled without "definitions" (ex. Adj, N, V) are short poems that usually don't take more than a minute or two to read. They're to help transition between chapter subjects and should be easier to review for those of you with time constraints. If you do have the time or patience to actually review one of the real chapters though, it's greatly appreciated! This novel is a WIP of my will and testament, a journal of the journey through my life, and any reviews I can get are very much treasured.