About you  September 13, 2009 - September 16, 2009

Contest Completed


First place - Break the chains
Second place - The Scars of a Writer.
Third place - [writing deleted]
Fourth place - Reflective Portico


D.A.S. members only.
Recently I have been asking many group members what song would represent them the most. Now, I want you to say your favorite songs name and artist, write two lines that represent you the most from the song, then write a poem about yourself. It does not have to be rhythmic, short, long, appropriate, or anything else that would be regularly restricted. Just write who you truly are in a descriptive way.
Twenty winners.
One entry.
Three days.
Number one winner gets featured in the group and writing gets featured as well.
Must be written new. If it is posted anytime before September 13, 2009, it will be disqualified. I will check
Good luck! ☺


Round rock, TX


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Created Sep 13, 2009