Spoken Word Contest Number One  August 7, 2008 - September 25, 2008

Contest Completed


Grand Champion Spoken Word Poet- Contest One - The old railway (1967)
First Class Word Slinger - The Eye Of The Beholder- With Evoca
Speaks The Truth - BRAND NEW ME
Emotive Elite - The Letter
Gave a Great Perfomance - Words Spoken (Now with Evoca)
Gave a Great Performance - [writing deleted]


Simply enter any spoken word piece posted on the cafe. It can cover any subject, be of any length, and posted either as audio only or as a video- your choice. Each poet can submit up to two pieces. I will choose the finalists based on content and delivery. If you post a video, I will focus more on your voice and words... I don't give a crap how you look. Then... members will vote.

If you'd like to enter but don't know how to get the free equipment to record, visit this post of mine, which can give you the details:
Poetry Playlist Revolution- Join Us?
A Story by Constance
Anyone can upload their poetry in spoken word onto any site where you can create a playlist- for free. If the song lists on all of those sites were full of poetry?

Don't be shy. We want to hear you. More contests of this type to come in the future.


Shiny badges, feature in the group, bragging rights!!!


A Small Town in, KS


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