The First of the Broken Mirror Piece  July 1, 2008 - August 15, 2008

Contest Completed


A Broken Mirror - Of Course I will Review all the Winners - Illusions
A Glass Half Filled with Air - Broken Dreams...
A Chance to Break the Chains, Then put them back on! - Magnum Opus
-Reserved for Sorrow- - My Ballad of Nothing
A Safty Blanket, with a Safty Deposit - [writing deleted]
-Reserved for Hummor- - What Becomes of a Broken Heart
A Stain on Society - [writing deleted]


For the Broken House of Mirror's, I have desighned this contest so people can get envolved in the group more. I want to hear about conflict, and struggle. I want emotion, and dreams to collide. Paint the heavens with stars that should not be, and make them being that Cthulhu Mythos will tear at your very sanity. I want to feel normal, and I want to see what makes you tick. If you feel the need to share.


A Broken Mirror, A shattered Piece


The Mad Prophet
The Mad Prophet
Cedar Falls, IA


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