Where do I write?

Where do I write?

A Lesson by snapstache

finding that perfect place


Hi!  I finally made a new course, this time I'm talking about where you should write.  Personally I can write wherever and whenever, but some people have to be in a certain place.  How do you find it?

You can start by trying different locations through your house and sitting there and trying to write.  After you've written works in a few different places find the best, and try to write in that place more often.  Sometimes all it takes to make a masterpiece is the perfect spot to create it! :)

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Posted 11 Years Ago

I like to write in my own comfy bed. It also helps me if I wear a warm sweater and cover up with a blanket with a nice, soft pillow to rest on. This relaxes me.
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Posted 11 Years Ago

I like to write at the local library. Although I have to have my MP3 player plugged in to my ears so the books on all the shelves are not screaming at me to read them or check them out or search them. Soemtimes I write at home in the same manner with the MP3 player. I also write at parks when weather permits. I do not believe that there is a wrong or right place to write. You have to find what works for you the best.
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Added on February 16, 2010
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i made this when i was eleven wow. a lot of memories here. feel free to look around i suppose although there won't be anything new posted.

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