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Higbee, MO
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About Me

Jimagain' is on the loose.

...confusing dialogue, dangling participles, convoluted thinking, inane and profuse verbiage!

My grammar is minimal, deplorable, maybe even criminal, but I'm more concerned about what I say than how I say it. Content is my main pursuit when I write... Maybe I should be charged with something like, 'assault with a deadly adjective'.

I don't know anyone less qualified to write about writing...than me!

So why try?

It all starts with a lofty idea and grandiose aspirations. You're seeing interviews and book tours floating in your head...so you rush to jot down a few notes, then after a lot of effort and countless rewrites, when you can't stand to type another letter..the masterpiece is finished!

I gaze admiringly at my creation! Then, delusions of literary grandeur fade to frustration. That's about the time I realize it's a piece of crap...but it's my crap. I wrote that crap!

Sigh! If only I had talent!

Hey, if you think I can't write, you should hear me sing!


- - - - - - - -

Delusions of a wanna-be writer!

I had conjured up imaginary scenes of me cranking out literary masterpieces at home while my dog lay sprawled across the floor.

Reality: Cletus, my neurotic Great Dane, is standing on the desk in the way whenever I attempt to write. He thinks my full-time job is to doting on him! Did I mention I can't write? That's ok. He can't type!

Think you can't stand any more?

- - - - - - - - -

Jim Henderson is currently employed as a draftsman and had previously worked in the field of environmental regulatory compliance. He enjoys writing and has had several articles published in various on-line publications, none of which are really any good.