365 Days: A Group For Everday


I created this group for other writers to join me in a project that I call "365 Days." I have also created the contest "366 Days" for writers to join and submit a final poem about the year before and what they've learned and experienced. Now to continue off of 365 Days, I am writing a poem everyday for a year in order to see what I learn and experience. These poems will be of all sorts of nature and style. I would love other people to join me in this and create their own books at any point and it doesn't have to be an everday thing because I understand that life can be hectic. That is actually what inspired me to do this. I lost a lot of time with college and writing has gone on the backboard because of it. This will be a time for me to reflect and write at least for 5 minutes everyday. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU JOIN/WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. LOTS OF LOVE :D

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