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All from Roundhouse's Poetry Collective, and poets worthy of being read; for keeping in touch, gorilla performances (which I like to call semi-dares...), and so on.

New writing will be shown, and links to YouTube and other sites will appear (for filmed performances).

Basic introduction:
Group - This tab will appear when you go onto the group page. New threads will be shown here, and a small number of members.
Members - This tab will show all members, once we get a few more than 6.
Writing - To add writing to the group site, simply submit it through here (to add writing to the whole site, hover over "Writing" at the very top, then click on "Add Writing")
Forum - Hopefully this will be more active (hint hint) so simply click on that tab, set up a discussion, and voila. We have a forum.
Contest - I might start setting up group contests (perhaps also to be used as tasks?) once people start using this place.

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Gorilla Performance Ideas

Anonymous Shadow

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