Dark, Adult Oriented Fantasy Novels Only


This is a group for all those writers whose work is based on the dark side of Fantasy. I don't mean vampires or werewolves, though those subjects will not be excluded. What I'm looking for are unique worlds, and dynamic characters. Submissions will be limited to Books and Chapters only. Authors wishing to join should have at least one Book (Fantasy, Romance, Horror) on their profile.

The Process:
I will feature a writer and one of their Books. Members are encouraged to take a look at the Book, and offer a review. Hopefully, reviews will be constructive, and hopefully each Book will get at least three reviews before I switch the feature. It is important that we offer feedback, therefore, I encourage authors to be specific about what kind of feedback they want, in their Author's Notes.

I really want this group to be successful, and if members have suggestions, feel free to offer them in the forum. The forum is open for discussion of Books, plot, characters, new ideas, etc. So, let's get writing, everybody, and help one another improve.

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Corey J. Mckenzie

Corey J. Mckenzie

Sudbury, ONTARIO, Canada

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