Disabled Writers and friends


If you or anyone you know has special needs, this group is for you. It can be anything that limits your ability to do anything if you are joining for yourself. Such as if you have depression, autism/asperger syndrome, Anxiety, bipolar disorder... anything that makes life a challenge for you in anyway is considered a disability. In this group, we share our writings and discuss tips that help us when we write. I thought it would be good if there was a group for those who might struggle with writing because of their disabilities, like me... but also for anyone supportive of those and might be able to help as well. You don't have to have a disability, just as long as you are supportive to those here that do. ^^

Group writing approval is needed, just to make sure we don't get any bullies or trolls here... not like it would happen but you never know. Sometimes it's just good to know what someone's story is too. ^^

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