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Autistic Alice


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Gold Canyon, AZ
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About Me

My name is Alice. I am 23 years old and I am diagnosed with multiple disabilities. I am emotionally-sensitive and socially-awkward. I have worse problems in real life than I do online.

I am a written expressionist. That means I am able to write better than when I communicate verbally. I don't like people comparing my intelligence to my writing.

Writing is how I express myself. I also love anime and Alice in wonderland. My username represents my love for Alice in the movie.

I relate to her because as someone with autism and other disabilities, I am often absorbed in my own world.

I have wonderful friends and the sweetest boyfriend in the world. I wouldn't imagine my life without such a wonderful adorable amazing personality and cute child-like face with a bright adorable smile. <3 Yes, boys like that do exist and my boyfriend happens to be him. ;)

I do write a lot about my disabilities. I am a self-advocate who chooses to do this the way I know how. I like to show people in my eyes just what it is like to be living the way that I do. It might seem easy and dandy but it's not.

You might think I'm a normal person but that's because the online world is the only place where I don't have to face any triggers or meltdowns or deal with face to face social interaction and all that.

Basically anything that happens to me in real life the online world becomes the outlet for me in order to cope better with things outside of the online world but even then it doesn't help me that much.