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Welcome, dystopian writers and lovers alike.

Dystopian doesn't HAVE to be post-apocalyptic. It can be a very technological world that's is at least mostly intact yet something isn't quite right.

Early stories in the (sub)genre include Brave New World and 1984. The society of both stories is very much intact, yet it isn't necessarily a good place to live.

Another example of dystopia that isn't post-apocalyptic is Blade Runner(a cyberpunk dystopia). In recent years, however, dystopia and post-apocalyptic seem to be almost interchangeable.

No matter what your dystopia, you're welcome here.

I will say though, PLEASE don't post if you don't plan to read the works of other members. I'm tired of seeing everyone on this site post all of their crap but not read someone else's and help out.

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