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Are you looking for a place to write your thoughts and to get your stories, poems etc… in front of the eyes who can change you from an amateurs to experts without the grammar monitors? Do you feel you not getting the right feedback on your writing you think you really need. Have other group’s only offer a few forms of writing which prevents you to express yourself freely. If yes, then fine literature is the right place for you. Fine literature provides their members everything they need to make it in the world of literature. We bring empathy, sympathy, compassion and understanding to our words with only a few lines. So, when you leave us not only you will have the skills to be a well known writer, you will know how to bring life to your writing.

We will have officers checking every board topic and blog to make sure anyone not posting unnecessary feedback on any form writing. At the end of every week our top reviews will come by to the group to see if anyone has improve and give information on how to get your writing seen by top publishers. When we say feedback, we mean members will give evaluate reviews that will guide you to a path of greatness. Our forms of writing variety from: short stories, monologues, journals, plays, poems, songs, essays, fables, fairy tales and so on down a long list. Emotion is the key component of the group success so, without that we are nothing other than a group with chaos. Lastly, we can only strive for the best if we want to stand out more than your typical literature group; therefore we encourage you to be yourself, because our members is the element that keep our group alive.

Why join fine literature you might ask yourself and our simple answer is that no other group can give you what we can offer. Our community has a respectful and peaceful blog and discussions boards which gives our writes a feel of a local coffee shop. We will support everyone in our community no matter how good or bad their work is. We also have a few of our fellow colleagues who are well-known philosophers who love to discuss any topic that may interest you. If you are the type of person who only writes to certain music, then you are not alone, the co founder of the group is the same way; however his work is beyond notes or words. To sum it all up, we are cheerful group and as a whole we can be an outstanding society who cares for one another and provides help for one another.

We can understand if our group does not meet up to your interest; however let us know what we can improve. You might notice that we are missing a form of writing you may like; therefore let any board officer know and they will introduce it the next following day. Even if our community is not the one you were looking for, please take the time to read a few of our stories and poems before you leave. If any other reasons you decided to leave, send the co-founder a letter if you feel you need to. There will be a few of members who rarely give feedback, but don’t discredit the whole group over a few bad grapes. The majority of us would be more than happy to tell you what we think about your work. Over all fine literature know we have a few flaws; therefore we will be mature and ask you our members and visitors help on improving our writing society.

Most famous people in the past are only famous because of what is written about them. So, if you want to be famous too then join Fine Literature. You may be interested in just giving feedbacks, well that’s fine with us. Music seems to follow everywhere you go, that’s not problem with us, “Honestly” we encourage it. You enjoy writing romantic plays, “hey” we enjoying writing that too. "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I'll no longer be a Capulet." We will end by saying, “if Fine literature is the right place for you then come by and give us a chance.”

Thank you all and have a bless day!

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