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If you are in the vein of reading/writing Gothic literature , then this assembly is prepared specifically for you! If you are the nature of persons (if you are a person) who loves the feeling of reading a Vampire as he sinks his piercing fangs into a girls innocent, passionate artery.
Reading stories of Ware-wolves ripping their shirts off as their bodies morph into frightening furry beast looking for the young mother of their litter.
U.F.O.'s whizzing by in the midpoint of a tranquility night as everyone sleeps on their way to a ship 4 billion light-years into outer space.

Or whatever the story may perhaps be that you're reading/writing. I long-awaited for you to enter here at my one million dollar mansion, to spend the rest of your short life. ^x^ So die in peace, ...or die with a fright... Ether way, you're here so may I say Good night. May you rest in peace!

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1809 Black Plague December

1809 Black Plague December

north hollywood, CA



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