Hypergraphia Inc. (To help you finish that novel!)


It happens to the best of us, and to the most of us... writer's block. It's the bane of our existence, but luckily, there is hope.

This is the group for writers who are, like me, stuck in a rut. It's designed to kick you into gear, and help you actually make some progress on that novel gathering dust in the back of your mind that you've just lost steam on.

This is group is for people who seriously want to make progress on their novels. You're guaranteed a review a week (and aren't all we novelists review starved?) but you also have to write a chapter a week to get that review... Genius, no? So, in order to get that shiny dangling carrot that is a review... you're goign to have to work. And eventually, all that work is going to accumulate into the glorious, spectacular novel you always knew you would create. (To read more about this process, go to the "Review Group" forum).

So, please read the rule before joining. ^_^


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Cora Lennox

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Review Group

Cora Lennox

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