In the Teen Mind


Welcome all teen, preteens, and young adults. This group is to unite the young writers in Writers Cafe.

This will be an ACTIVE group. The members, the viewers, and the moderator (me) will be active, sharing opinions, stories, and experiences. Voting. poles, debating, and more will be mostly active through mail or forum.

Writers under 12 will not be permitted to join. Writers over 18 are also not permitted to join. Writing must be appropriate. No foul language, no offensive comments, just please make your words thoughtful, careful and respectful words.

Thank-you for reading the description. If you like the idea of this group, please join. :)

Loving as Usual,
Jelly Shot

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Emotionally Blank yet Full of Emotion

Emotionally Blank yet Full of Emotion

Worst Place ever... I just want get out of, OH

I'm new



Emotionally Blank yet Full of Emotion

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Just the beginning

Jelly Shot

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