LEADING A DOUBLE LIFE...Leading any kind of double life...


A Writing Group that reviews and shares with other group members to help write "Their Story" of a long life of secrecy.
Housewife, Cops, Dentists, Nurses (in my particular case) and priests, just a few examples, All functioning as "TWO PEOPLE" and all leading a painful and hypocritical life, and how that affected you, your famly, and those you love as well as those you served in your particular career or lifestyle.
If you have a double life of any kind, than we want you too! NOBODY will be judged, this is a place of support and constructive criticism, no matter what you DID or how "bad" you were, write about it and let's put a book together or something! UNLOCK those secrets and help others! Please note:it is advisable to not use real names or places, because this stuff can be pretty touchy even if it is long gone from our lives. We want to heal and bring others into our world, let them see in to see out!
The ONLY rule is that we are not writing about ENCOURAGING a double life, such as pedophilia, but rather how it almost killed us, or our soul.
EXAMPLE: A prisoner wanting to write about someone he killed in cold blood, and how exciting that was. NOPE! NOT HERE!!
This is about freeing ourselves and writing to help others or ourselves come to grips with a double life of any kind!

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