Red Pen Edits


This is a group for all who delight in getting a piece of work back with red pen edits bleeding on every page.
... who believe that writing is not for the faint-hearted.
... For those who find writing a painful but necessary part of life
... and aren't afraid for someone to take a look at your heart on the page and give you unflinching advice on how to better communicate what you're trying to say.
... For anyone who reads what they've written, re-reads, edits, reads it again, before posting it - and then reads it after it's posted to make sure it's posted the way you want it.

We judge grammar - we judge content - we judge style. We give honest feedback that you can chew on.

As writers - we're in this together - we want all of our work to excel - and in order to do that, we need red pen edits -- honest critiques, not just reviews.

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