Round Robin Writers


This club is only for writing Round Robin's. That is when you write a sentence, then another person adds a sentence and so on. We will use the forum to talk about plots, then write the story.


When we finish a writing together, whoever wrote the first sentence can post it on the group's page. Look at the writing tab as a collection of things this club has created, not a place to advertise your writing. Posting only our writing will also let other Writer's Cafe members see what this club does.

2) You can add as many sentences to each story as you would like. HOWEVER, you can only add one at a time, and someone else must post before you can post again.

3) When you participate in a story, you can post it to your own profile when we finish. HOWEVER, you must write an author's note stating that while you had a hand in writing this, so did other members of the Round Robin group.

4) When participating in a Round Robin, go along with the group. Make sure your sentence will make sense and DON'T RUSH THE STORY! Don't go straight to the action if others were describing. Make sure it will read like a fluent story.

This will be a fun experiment and I hope it goes well. Ready, set, ROUND ROBIN!

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