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This is the gathering place for the 'Short (Circuit) Stories', a series of short cyberpunk explorations set in the Slick Thames region, as written by Type0. This is the canon - if you would like to add to the experrience, write a story and submit it. If it fits the grand scheme (and doesn't go against hidden plans), then your piece will be added to the canon. If it doesn't work, take it over to the Cyberpunk group.

Excerpt from 'Slick Thames' (novel, work in progress):

// The sun was setting, although where on the horizon was anybody�s guess. The choking grey smog that filled the London sky had reduced the level of natural light striking the narrow street to near zero; the orange blur of artificial light from rusting streetlamps cast a perpetual gloom over the suitably named Twilight Zone.

// But it was not just light which failed to penetrate the dusky gloom of the smog. Digital signals cannot reach the London streets, and the analogue had long been turned off. The once busy metropolitan areas were now virtually deserted. Corporate factory-warehouses and niche businesses were all that remain.

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