Soulful Salon


Many important artists and writers of the Harlem Renaissance were gay, lesbian or bisexual. More than eighty years ago, they found creative ways to express their sexuality and fight racial stereotypes through writing and the spoken word. They frequently met at a Harlem salon called The Dark Tower.

Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Bruce Nugent, Countee Cullen, Marlon Riggs, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Joseph Beam, Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs, Pedro Almodóvar, James Earl Hardy, E. Lynn Harris, and other gay artists of color continue to inspire a wide variety of people all over the world. Their courage and brave hearts set the stage for Gay Pride we celebrate today.

Building on the tradition of the Harlem Renaissance, today�s LGBT artists of color express their inner most feelings and thoughts openly and honestly, challenging prejudice and perceptions, thanks to the literary pioneers who paved the way.

The Soulful Salon is a gay-friendly Black Artists Collective created to share talent, knowledge, and strength in a supportive environment.

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