Stop Bullies On Cafe


There's lot of bullies on writers cafe these days, you might notice it, and we're here to stop it.
This group is not for reviewing, sorry, but thats something more important-stop bullying.
People go out from site cause of bullies, and we need to STOP it. So we need to gather our power on internet to stop it from happening so that we can have a peaceful cafe again ; So that we can write again.
Join and stop bullies.
We'll need to make some plan from stop it to happen. First, I need everyone to stop adding review forums, cause we need to stop bullies, not reviewing, at least not in this group.
So, please join.
We don't open membership, but you'll be add if you aren't a bully and you have a heart to stop it!

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Stop Bullies

Patches I'm not so new anymore.

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