The Colors of Depression; Write and Review


We have all been sad at some point. Some of us even have trouble with depression.

But anyway, this group is for people who LIKE reading stories that can make us cry and that inspire us.

Not saying that you ALWAYS love reading sad stories but this is just group showing that you have sad emotions too and that's some of the things you write.

So add your writing that you think will inspire us.

Edition: We will now be reviewing. I will select, at random, someone's writing and I will send a message to everyone to review it. The winner of the best review will be posted on a special display down below for an entire week.

Also, there will be a vote on who has the best writing. There will be a 2-weekly winner. I may change the length of how long they will be displayed depending on how much writing there is.

Have fun!!!

Winner of the Reviews:

Winner of the Writings:

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I'll go second then? Hehe


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I shall go first:


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