The Dearly Damned


"Even a man,
Who is pure of heart,
And says his prayers by night,
May become a wolf,
When the wolf's bane blooms,
And the moon is shining bright,
Or crave anothers blood when the sun goes down,
Who's body takes to flight."
---- Van Helsing

Do you love the thought of shape-shifting into another creature? Or gaining the ability to see in the dark, and moving amongst the shadows? Do you feel the mist from a primeval forest sweeping against your face as you dodge and swerve through tall trees and moss covered logs, feeling the thrill of the hunt flow through your veins? Or, just basking in the aristocratic air of a sexy, clever, stalker of the night. Well if so, this group is for you!! The main focus of this writing group is to write about the creatures we all know and love, werewolves and vampires. These legends have sparked imagination for centuries and continue to do so today. Swap story ideas, poems, screenplays, whatever you feel like sharing we will gladly listen, and our topics don't just settle around the damned. Give us all of your supernatural thrillers!! Even spliced with romance. If you have any questions contact the moderator.

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