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In essence a playwriting workshop. In college, a friend and I started this workshop to help promote dramatic writing and to give actors and directors fresh work to investigate. I notice there is not much playwriting going on here, so I thought to present this as an alternative for the typical fare. Anyone who is interested in learning the craft of writing for the stage is welcome to join. Eventually I would like to post contest where I present a topic or phrase and the members would create short plays incorporating the theme. For now, though, lets just talk about and help eachother craft stageworthy pieces, be they drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, mystery or otherwise. Thanks for taking a look and trying something new!

New Writing

Fine Fine

A Stage Play by L. Porter

Shirt Envy Shirt Envy

A Stage Play by Jeffrey Crawford

Pandamonium Pandamonium

A Stage Play by Jeffrey Crawford

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