The Red Eye


Note: You are advised to use this group's companion group on DeviantArt, Scribbld or Flickr instead of this group. See this blog post, if you'd like to know some more of the background. WritersCafe is dying of neglect, and I can't fix that.

I wish I could.

Description: A group for the posting of stories taking place at night, in a contemporary urban setting. Any magical realism should be done with a light touch and not verge into science fiction.

Fiction, narrative poetry, and nonfictional journal entries are all welcome. The Red Eye is associated with companion groups of the same name on Flickr, Scribbld and DeviantArt.

This group is being run by Joseph Dunphy, with a relatively light hand, but I do insist that all squabbling be taken outside. We're here to have fun.

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Writer's Cafe

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This group is on indefinite hiatus

Myopic Midnight Special / Joseph Dunphy

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