Twilight FanFictioners Have Ruined WC.


With the WC community being flooded with new talent and new musings, I can't help but feel an appreciation for the wave of blooming, young writers. I enjoy seeing the promise nestled in a piece of grammatically incorrect, terribly misspelled, and utterly miscommunicated fiction. Looking into their words, I can see an image of myself parked in front of a massive computer setup with an eight gig hard drive and a 1998 version of Microsoft word.

I idolized writers like Anne Rice and LJ Smith, mimicking them in style and characters. I loved television shows like Dark Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reflecting their themes and ideas. My identity as a writer was through the books that I read and the movies and tv shows I watched. I had no sense of individuality, no separation between my own imagination and the ideas planted in my head by cinema and fiction.

Even though the times have changed, the influence a book or movie has on their fans has not. Flat panel monitors, a hard drive worth two sixty gigs, and a fresh version of Microsoft office have only facilitated in this age old act. Young writers still mirror their favorite talent, and underlying movie plots.

The two best examples are, without a doubt, the movie Underworld and the famous series by Stephanie Meyers. If I have to read one more vampire boy meets human girl and fall in love, I am going to have to claw my eyes out. I have no problem with vampire stories, I write them myself. I have no problem with Twilight, I read it and enjoyed it for the most part. What I have a problem with is this overwhelming flood of sophomoric renditions and retellings of a story that has already been written. Latching onto the coat-tails of an already famous book will never amount to anything. I learned that. It is a lesson that every writer needs to learn before they can explore their own talent and imagination.

An age old battle between Lycans and Vampires has been told, over and over again. Why do they have to hate each other? Why do they have to exist in the same piece of rambling fiction? Either I want a story about werewolves or I want a story about vampires, it is not required for the two to be paired. Expand your mind, explore the supernatural arena and never limit yourself to the boundaries of another writer. Your vampire doesn't have to have golden eyes. He doesn't have to always save the girl. He doesn't have to be nice. He sure as hell doesn't need to have a family of undead to back him up. He doesn't have to battle werewolves and he doesn't have to read minds and live happily ever after for eternity.

Why is WC failing? The question is simple and everyone has their thoughts on the issue. I believe that the stream of fanfiction is choking out the integrity of the site. Underaged writers are filling the shelves with stories of Bella Swann and Edward Cullen. Let me tell you something: A real writer creates their own characters. A real writer knows "u" is not the same as "you". Most importantly, a real writer can compose a sentence without calling upon the phrase, "glittery vampires".

If you join this group, I propose encouraging new writers to find their own characters and voice. We need to train the fan-fictioners in the way they should go--even if it means the closest exit.

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