Victims of Abuse


I know I categorized this as a horror group, but allow me a chance to explain. I am a survivor of abuse. Growing up, I was abused by my parents and others around me in every way imaginable. Mentally, Emotionally, Sexually, Physically, you name it. It was horrible and painful and to this day it has traumatized my mental and emotional state. But through it all, it is the reason for the way I write and my want to express myself. I have written a number of stories/books based on my experiences, and I am proud to say that it helped me get through my nightmares.
If you are a survivor or even currently a victim of abuse, I invite you my friends to come along with me on a journey to explore our minds. To write stories of our experiences, whether horror, emotional, or just simply what you are feeling right now.
This is for those of us who are not afraid to write the truth of our lives.
I know that sometimes writing is our only way to fight back and sometimes the only way to keep ourselves going in the midst of hell.
And I would be honored to come together with all of you strong writers who have been through similar trials, and write and share along side you.
This is a judgment free group, all comments on work will be open minded and encouraging.
And if any of you would like to start a discussion, then I welcome you to.
Through my life of trails I was inspired to get a degree in psychology to understand my own trauma and depression better, so if anyone would like to talk or ask for advice, I would do my absolute best to help in that as well.

Sending love, peace, and good vibes to all of you.


Poison Ivy

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