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Hello everybody!
A warm welcome to the Writer's Pen Club. Please sit on the couch over there as I explain, and oh, would you like some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies?

The Writer's Pen Club is a fun and friendly club for writers who just want to have reviews, fun, friends, and more. We hope to have at least 15 members of the Club by December.

We are a friendly and (perhaps small) community that are happy to provide both positive and negative feedback. There are rules, but unless you really insult/offend anyone you will not be "banned".

You can submit 5 works any genre every other week, I will let you know whether you can submit or not. Please message me if you'd like to know and I have not already contacted you.

Our forum is for the club only, but if you don't want to join the club to view it you may message me for the updates :)

-- The Rules of the Writer's Pen --
+ There is no mature, inappropriate, insulting, or offending content here. This means no bad words, nudity, gory, etc. content.
+ Please review back, if someone reviews your writing! It's polite if you do so.
+ Everyone should be an active member of the community. We want happy, confident and kind writers to join the club.
+ Be respectful with reviews. If there is too much negative reviews from one person they will be "banned" from Writer's Pen Club (WPC, for abbreviations).

-- Oath of the Writer's Pen --
"I promise that I will be an active and positive member in our club community,I promise I will review back, and I will follow all Pen Rules,
Lastly I promise never ever to post inappropriate content unless I want wishystar to ban me from the group forever."

[ On November 14th, 2012, WPC officially cuts it's ribbon is open for any new members! ]

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