Writer's Review Group


Writer's Review Group is open up to anyone who wants their Novella's read with an unbiased opinion. It will also help those members to achieve an ribbon in one of our contests.
I am hoping this group will become a smashing success and I will hold monthly contests every month in a different genre.
No Grammar Nazi's allowed
No Website Trolls allowed
Please only give constructive Criticism if asked.
Always give Inspiration. It makes for a better writer or author.
No bashing anyone,
No using the Lord's name In Vain
No Adult Themes or Erotic allowed.
Participation is necessary. Please submit one piece of writing every month.
The following writing is allowed:
Romance, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Horror, Dark, Science fiction, Historical Non-Fiction, Poetry, religious, and what ever else in mention accept Erotic and Adult Themes.
No Pre-writes allow. Writing should be new.

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March Contest For Writer's Review Group

March 1, 2012 - March 31, 2012

March Contest For Writer's Review Group