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Why do we write

12 Years Ago

I was reading your profile and you posed a question: why do we write.
I have the same answer as you. I don't exactly know. I could easily say I love to write but what is the reason why.
Everytime I get a new idea for a story or something I work on my fingers tingle and I just have to write it down. It's like being hungry and then being fed except I'm hungry for writing. Lol. :) 
So other group members. Why do you like to write? (And don't just say because you love it, give some reasons!)

- Sweet Almond
(aspiring writer and book-worm)

Re: Why do we write

11 Years Ago

Thanks for reading my profile, and the same kind of thing happens to me, only my fingers don't tingle, I just can't sit still. I always carry a note pad around with me in case I have tho write something down.
And for the ''Why we write", I think it is because some of us were born to do it. I was watching the movie Hugo the other day, and It brought up a good point. Everyone is like a gear in a machine, there are never extra gears. We must be on this planet for some reason, so why not improve it with Writing?