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First of all, Writers Grow on Trees is a good group for you if you like to read, as well as write. If you don't like to read, then don't bother pressing that button to the left saying "Join Group", because you will be lost. And If you don't like to write, then why do you have an account on this website anyway?

Next, you can't be shy to some reviewing. ACTUAL REVIEWING! Not that that 'fluffy, puffy, cotton-candy, nice reviewing, but reviewing that will help you improve as a writer.

Last, have fun. Be social. Read other people's work, and write your own!

(Warning: Very philosophical paragraph)
Also, You are probably wondering about the name of this group. Well, the other day I was thinking about how many people in the world write, and how many become famous. I figured it was a very small number. Then I thought 'How many of those few worked at it, and tried', and then figured, 'All'. I also thought about how many of the writers who didn't make it to the history books tried, and figured 'Just about all of them tried'. So why didn't they become famous too? This proves that life isn't fair sometimes. This does not mean to give up on writing, but to work even harder, because you might just make it to the Books.

How does this relate to the title? Anybody can become a writer, but only the ones that grow AND wedge them self into the ground can reach the Books. My quote that I cam up with, (writers grow on trees, but only the ones who take all the steps, will grow themselves), wouldn't fit in the "Group Name" box, so I shortened it to Writers grow on trees.

I just want to get out there, that not taking all the steps to fame doesn't mean you are not a great writer. It only means you are not famous. I, for example, don't want to be universally know, but I do want to get my work out there. : )


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