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About Me

Old. Will be here sporadically, as time allows.
Late wife and I did animal rescue for decades. Now I exist solely to care for my remaining dogs and cats.
Scars may tell a story, but are not always visible.
Generally I alternate between cheery and humorous, and dark and melancholy. And in the end, it doesn't really matter.


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Posted 3 Days Ago

Oh dear, author Julian, please do not be too troubled by the critics (or said "Reviewers" from your comment) and be discouraged from writing, just take it with a grain of salt.

If you are insecure about the quality of your writing,
please take another look at the collection of my works at any given moment. My listed works can be described as half-literature half-shitpost, and I do admit, I shitpost a lot, daily, but I did make some readable works at times too (mostly), yes? And damn, those are mainly motivated by the fleeting feelings of a dementia fool who walks the grounds of the untalented all day long. But I write not to please Western critics, that'd be quaint -- though, that is not to say I am not learning from said critics, but no one has the right to dictate another's rights to express themselves or to write. The Michelin standard shouldn't be used to measure homemade food, film critics these days can greatly conflict with the interests of the audience, a critic who expects a classical Western orchestral from a cowboy playing flutes; The point is, the critics do not always have your best interest or others' in mind nor a need to deliver a constructive criticism -- And, they are often stuck-ins who have their heads too deep in their own social bubbles, they are literate to a degree but cannot ever fathom all that is offer from the arts that they judge.

Simply because: Critics Do Not Ask Questions -- That means curiosity is rarely a spark for themselves, and their scope of literature is limited, just as how you can be amazed by the view of the endlessly vast night sky with countless stars above but have to remember that the sky above that you are seeing isn't the same as the view of the night on the other side of the globe. Frankly, some will never see beyond what they are presented with, and to build their whole foundation on what belongs only to the familiarity of their social bubble while judging those that exist beyond their realm of understanding... It's basically the church criticising Galileo for proposing that the Earth isn't the center of the universe all over again.

And just because others told you that you should NOT write, doesn't mean you shouldn't. I've been criticised for expressing myself and bullied into hiding my works or hating myself for my whole being in existence before finally succumbing to my heart's desires and beginning writing in English earlier this year (since May 25) rather than my mother tongue just because I've learned to dislike my -- that doesn't mean that I have ceased hating on myself now. So please do not stop writing without your heart's consent, author Julian.

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Posted 3 Weeks Ago

What do the Reviewers say about these songs and poems?

“This writer manages to combine sickly sweet, overly sentimental drivel with long passages of bitterness, self pitying angst and new levels of meaningless babble!”
- Dirk Spittle, National Literary Review

“The occasional haphazard occurrence of words which more or less rhyme, fails to offset the apparent state of bewilderment which this author, for some reason, felt compelled to put into print.”
- Harold Hurkahookah, Botswana Poetry Guild

“All the depth and emotional insight of an old comic book with half the pages missing, but these writings do teach an important lesson; that is, just because a person CAN write, this does not mean that he SHOULD.”
- Ermintrude Gertz-Wallow Frothingham, London Poetry Review