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About Me

I'm deadly serious about my work. Ever searching for new ways to hone my skills and make my stories better, cleaner, stronger. I do not need to be handled with kid gloves. I know doing detailed edits and/or critiques of someone else's work is a time consuming and tedious process. I neither expect nor demand such from my readers. But... BUT! If you should feel inclined to gift me with such a treasure I will take each suggestion to heart. I will also reciprocate. So if you decide to comment on my work, don't candy coat a thing. I came here to get better.

I mainly write genre fiction, namely dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and psychological horror. My characters tend to be societal rejects. People who live outside the mainstream, and off the grid. W****s and drunkards, runaway children and madmen. I'm fascinated by creatures of myth and folklore; I like to re-imagine them in grittier, more modern settings. Seraphs half mad from not knowing the face of god, and monsters that dance with the notes of Mozart. I am a student of human nature with a deep love of philosophy and psychology, which I try to incorporate into my stories. My heroes range from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, to Nietzsche and Thomas Moore. Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, to Alice Hoffman and Charles De Lint.

I'm still struggling to find my own *voice*.

Personally, I was born in Baton Rouge. I grew up there amid the corruption and honeysuckle. Since then I have lived all over the southern United States and worked at a dizzying number of jobs. I've had a 401k, been homeless, seen the inside of a parish prison, and a mental institution. I've driven my life fast with no breaks, and now I'm settling down to write about what I've learned. I only hope I can get it into words, do it all justice.

Wish me luck.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Hi friend, I hope to see you back on the Cafe soon,
it would be great to read your new inspirations ^_^
Kindest Regards, Michael


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Posted 15 Years Ago

Esoteric Theosophical Philosophy

The truth within your consciousness is like the horizon that recedes before you. As you journey towards your inner quest in the direction of the leading edge of your belief acceptance. And your knowledge and understanding of the prevailing path grows, the next ascending possibility will always beckon you forth. For wisdom brings together within the truth of your existence, your souls essence, in which is attained by your own experience. Pursue your goal of achieving the truth within your reality of consciousness, in the most direct manner. The paradox is of course, is that you are both the voyager and the pathway; the treasure that you seek is most often slumbering within you or undeveloped in your quest. It�s always within you, has always been, and always will be. It has not been hidden from your sight, for the most part, it�s likely you have hidden from it, so wake it up, face it, and accept it, than use it, by becoming it.

Reality thru Consciousness


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Posted 16 Years Ago

hey, thanks for the reads, I'm glad you enjoyed