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Corvallis, OR
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About Me

A cigarette is the perfect type of perfect pleasure.
It is exquisite and yet leaves one unsatisfied.
What more could one want?
- Oscar Wilde
Hey, I'm Hope.
The following is an explanation of Hope, down to her barest bones.
Let's take a rocketship ride to the stars.
Secondhand kills, take it first. Marlboro Smooths rock her life. So does sweet tooth marijuana:P Tastes like cotton candy.
Hope is: writing, ballet, singing, dancing, reading, drawing, good coffee, good conversations, good sex, tea, cigarettes, bud, music, beautiful art, texting? - oh goodness. carpal tunnel - good spelling, grammar, a lively imagination, finding dinosaurs, lizards and mushroom men in the clouds, taking walks - where? ha. anywhere. - agnosticism, faith, believing, trust - to be handed out sparingly - wonder, awe, amazement, fear, surprise, disgust, joy, pain, happiness, despair, the human senses, psychology, veterinary medicine.
and let's not even get into the illegal stuff. :]
Leo? Why, yes, she is. Thank you. Don't take it personally. We can't all be the goddesses of the zodiac.
Love. Such a silly game we play. She is in love, though, with Johnathan Hope. They were married July 4th, 2009. She has a lovely step-daughter, Gabrielle<3. They had their first child together on October 24th, 2010 at 4:02 am. He's a marvelous little boy: Ahren Channing Hope
Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr. The first two created the halves of her soul. The last had the superglue to put them together.
Breathe In, Breathe Out. Tell me all of your doubts. Great advice. Just don't expect any secrets to fall from her lips. They're in a jar, sealed and locked up tight, at the bottom of that gaping hole in her ribcage where the heart should be.
Her fingers work best when texting or typing, I'll say.
She's quite talented with her tongue as well;]
And you know what? Showers should be a daily occurrence. So should brushing your teeth. And exercising.
Hypocrisy doesn't fly with Hope. Neither do cheating, lying, stealing from friends, wormy apples, moldy carrots, broken phones, modern art, dull pencils, dried up riverbeds, spiders - dead or alive - undecorated/unwritten on walls, and lack of any decency.
it's time to leave.
where to?
i haven't figured that out yet.
just gone.
somewhere i can smoke a cigarette and a bowl and not have anyone else worry about the mess i'm making of my life.
somewhere my feet can hit the pavement freely as i take off running.
somewhere with people i love<3.
but don't worry.
i'll be back.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

i love your bio. it's very random.
cool. after all, variety is the spice of life.=)

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Posted 14 Years Ago

I used to do a lot of stage combat in theater. There are two community theaters here in town and I had done fight scenes or choreography for both, but that's out of the question with the high level of damage I got nowadays, but I'm not too worried, just means I'll have to do more normal acting *grin*

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Hehe, I need to actually write a story about all the tumor stuff.

As it is, I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma last year. A full year before that though I'd been going to the hospital for two whiplash cases that really hurt my neck. One at the theater I worked at. The board of directors cut a bunch of limbs off trees and left it to be picked up, so it fell to me. I moved one and it had a massive bow in a branch, which swung out and smashed me in the face. The docs tell me that was what initially broke my neck.

Then the tumor attached to it as it was trying to heal. They said the cancer type usually occurs between the ages of 12-18, so mine had been hiding in my chest for about 10 years they said, since i was 15 most likely. But it had eaten the t1-t3 almost to nothing over the year until on easter I woke up paralyzed from the chest down. They did a 9 hour surgery to clear the cancer out of that area and rebuild all the bone damage, so thankfully it worked and I'm walking alright with a cane for short periods now. The cancer disappeared thanks to the chemo, so I'm on the mend!

I'm almost back to my old self too, I'll be acting again next month on stage, at the other theater that didn't break my neck. I missed a full year of shows due to this, and a chance to get another oustanding actor award, so I gotta get back to it!

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Ballet, ouch. I trained in stage combat and movement stuff like that, but never could dance. Ballet is a crazy physical skillset to learn. So is the other stuff, but my body was more suited to the combat stuff than prettier things. Before the tumor ate me vertebrae of course, but even at peak health there is no way I could have done about 82 percent of what ballet teaches.