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Last year’s photos compared to the next

You saw me on the street, now hurry, send a text

I’m GAY, I’m STRAIGHT, I’m an A*S, I’m a B*TCH,

Didn’t you hear lately that I’m a Wiccan Witch?

I’m DRUNK, so KRUNK, and in a bad FUNK,

Had a CRAZY situation with a BADASS monk.

Yea, I’m a lyin' B*****D and a sketchy HOE,

B*tch what you want, You Wanna hear some mo’??

Here’s another NEWSFLASH for ya,

from your favorite “TELL-ALL” mag,

Britney’s looking great but Lindsey’s lookin’ bad…

I’m “clean”, sober now - I’ve gotta lot of cash,

You be dissin' on my family,

but you f****n’ LOVE my *ss?

My last motion picture made 900 million

Yo, I’m like McDonalds, yea I’ve served at least a billion.

I’m a Buddhist, I’m an atheist, I’m in an OCCULT

You don’t like my beliefs - WOW, what an INSULT!

You SLICE it, DICE it, and THROW it in a pan

You know that you love me,

You’re MY NUMBER 1 fan!

Sometimes it’s not “WHAT” but “WHO” it is you’re wearing,

Smile for the CAMERA now because EVERYONE is staring.

A-list, B-list...WHO do you know? Wanna get in pictures?

BOW down, b*tch and BLOW

I’m at the club TONIGHT, better watch what I say,

Better not pick a fight, ‘cuz at the END of the day,

Gotta give good face, a MILLION dollar smile,

Nothing outta place, B*tch I’m rollin’ out in style.

You don’t like my shirt? My eyes are looking crazy?

I’ve gained a few pounds, GOD I must be getting LAZY.

With all those cameras flashin' up in my face,

I can’t even see my way outta this godd*mn place!

LOVE me or HATE me, you’re spying, crying, lying...

Spreading dirty laundry, hoe you ain't even tryin'.

All I really wanna do is finish this f*ckin' song,

But I keep gettin' interrupted and questioned all day long.

There was a time when I wanted to please you,

But now you’re the disease that I breathe when I breeze through.

I’m your favorite actor, a member of the band,

MY entire life and reputation is built on shifting sand.

Ooops! I’ve said too much, again...

It's time to call publicity for the synchronicity

Of smoothing this sh*t over with some pseudo felicity.

Stuck in this marriage for better or for worse,

SOMETIMES the Dragon kills ya,

SOMETIMES it’s the curse.

© 2020 20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 27, 2020
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20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire
20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

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