Journey Into Life

Journey Into Life

A Story by TheMizFit

This is actually the second version of this story. It makes me laugh because of how much I've changed it for the better.


Journey into Life

Once, there lived a happy couple. They were happy until they realized they wouldn’t be able to have their own child after 5 years of waiting and trying. They tried all they could to have a baby, but nothing happened. None of them were sterile, but it happened that they couldn’t conceive a baby either.

They prayed. They prayed a lot of times, every night, every morning. They prayed that they’d one day have a baby.

Exactly 6 years after their wedding day, good news filled their house. Maureen, the wife, discovered that she was pregnant. After 6 years, she was pregnant! After 6 years, they’re having their own child. Tears of joy were the first thing that came out of Charles, the husband, once he discovered about the news. He was shocked, happy and excited all at the same time.

Months of having a baby inside of her, Maureen craved a lot of things and food. Charles wanted their baby boy to be taken care of all the time. He would give Maureen whatever she wanted. He was very excited for this baby, he always wanted a boy. It’s like all of their wishes came true.

After 9 months, Baby Berry was finally out of his mother’s womb. Maureen and Charles Berry were the happiest couple alive. Finally, they had a baby; a healthy and perfect baby. They named him Matthew, meaning “God’s gift.”  Matthew was God’s gift for them. A gift worth waiting for.

Maureen and Charles spoiled Matthew with all their love. They taught Matthew all the good traits; respect, discipline, leadership and many more. They brought Matthew to the best school in town, with complete needed things and all the unnecessary things Matthew wanted.


Matthew Charles Berry. This man grew up to be a handsome man. Girls would be head over heels over him. Everyone would say, “Who wouldn’t?” Who wouldn’t, with his body structure; he wasn’t fat at all but his body wasn’t filled with muscles. Who wouldn’t, with his hair; spiky, gravity-defying as people would describe, whoever would brush their hands through his hair would feel good. Who wouldn’t, with his eyes; those perfect green eyes with brown linings. Who wouldn’t, with his nose; simply perfect. Who wouldn’t, with the looks he had? Every girl’s dream. No one would find him unattractive, physically-wise.

Personality-wise, people think he’s an angel sent from heaven. His parents think he was an angel sent from heaven, God’s gift, even. He was an angel, until he started hanging out with not-so-great friends. Friends who wanted to be his friends only because he was perfect. Friends who wanted to be his friends because he’s rich. Friends who wanted to be his friends to be popular. These friends taught Matthew to ignore his studies, rebel against his parents, cheat on his girlfriends, start drinking and smoking and partying like an animal. Matthew learned all these and totally forgot about what his parents taught him.

His parents didn’t like the outcome of hanging out with this group of friends. They did everything to take Matthew away from these bad influences. They asked him to stop hanging out with them, Matthew didn’t listen. They took away his phone and didn’t allow him out of the house with his friends, Matthew didn’t listen. They took away the internet access and totally didn’t allow him out of the house, Matthew sneaked out; he didn’t listen.


“Guys!” Matthew called out as he entered their ‘headquarters’. All of his friends looked around and saw him. They all cheered. They were so happy Matthew could make it. He wasn’t allowed out of the house so he had to wait for his parents to sleep, luckily, they were asleep before 11:30PM. The party would start at 12 midnight; at least they had time to prepare.

“Dude, I’m glad f*****g you made it,” One of his friends, Jake, said as the cheering stopped. Everyone else repeated what he said, their faces showing glee. They knew half of them wouldn’t be allowed in the party if Matthew wasn’t there. After all, they hung on to Matthew.  “Now, it’s time to go!” Jake exclaimed as everyone started cheering again, including Matthew. Good thing he locked his room and told his parents that his car was still ‘being fixed’ but it was just in their headquarters, ready in case they go to parties like this.

They had three cars; Matthew’s car, Jake’s car and Lea’s car. Matthew had 2 dudes and a girl in his car. He was perfectly fine with this. He would be driving. He missed driving his car. Now he had it, he was so happy. He drove to the party, which took about 5 minutes from their headquarters. He stopped in front of a mansion. A little smaller than their mansion, back in another city. He saw people going inside the mansion; others were being forced to leave by a girl. Clearly, they weren’t in the list of those who were invited. Matthew walked up to the girl together with his friends, “Hello, Patricia.” Matthew flirted.

“Oh, hello there, Matt,” Patricia flirted back. “Let’s see if you’re invited.” She said as she slowly scanned a list. Matthew stopped her from continuing. She looked up to see a pair of flirting eyes from Matthew, “Patricia, don’t mind the list. You know very well I’m invited, and you would be sad not to have me here, so just let me and my friends in.” Matthew said, effortlessly flirting with Patricia. Patricia nodded and bit her lip.

“Okay, you can go in,” she said more to Matthew’s friends than to Matthew. “Princess, can you handle the visitors coming in for a while?” Patricia asked to a girl who looked like her who was next to her, obviously, her sister. Matthew examined the two as they talked, they really looked alike. Matthew knew they were twins. Same brown eyes, same pointed nose, same body structure, everything was the same. The only thing that was different was their hair. Patricia had a long and straight black hair with blonde streaks while Princess has a long and curly black hair. “Matt,” Patricia said with a seducing voice that cut off Matt’s thoughts. “So, want to go in?” she asked. Matt nodded, biting his lip. They both went inside but instead of partying with the others, they went straight to the room in the second floor. It looked like a guest room because it was empty, obviously no one occupied it. Patricia started kissing Matt, he kissed back. Matt threw Patricia to the bed and he followed to the bed. Before they could start kissing once again, the door swung open, followed by a scream.

Matthew looked at the door and there stood one of his girlfriends who took him seriously, thinking she was his only girlfriend. “Matt?” she shouted. Matt looked at Patricia, “Go on.” She whispered. Matt rolled his eyes, “I wanted to break up with her anyways.” He whispered fast. Patricia smiled. Matt stood up on the floor and looked up at Eula, his girlfriend. Patricia stood up straight on the bed.

“What’s this?” Eula asked, her voice shaking. “Matt?” Matt looked at her emotionlessly. He looked at Patricia with eyes telling her that he didn’t want this drama. Patricia stood up next to Matt, “Sweetie, this means he wants to break up with you,” Patricia started. Eula started crying. “You took this relationship to seriously, dear. You know how this works.” Patricia talked as if she had sympathy but the truth was she wanted this to end, too. Eula wasn’t able to control herself anymore. She couldn’t stop crying. She walked fast to Matt and Patricia and started slapping Patricia, but before her hand hit her face, Matt was able to stop her.

“Eula, don’t be pathetic. I want to break up with you already and Patricia’s got nothing to do with it. Now, can you just leave us alone?” Eula glared at him and left the room, closing the door with full force. Patricia and Matt looked at each other and started laughing. “Pathetic.” Patricia said as they continued what they were supposed to do before Eula interrupted them.


“Dude, I saw Eula crying earlier,” Jake told Matthew once he saw him. Matthew was in the bar of Patricia’s house, drinking an alcoholic drink he liked so much. “She left early.” He added. Matthew looked at him with a smile, “I broke up already. God, I can’t take her,” He said. Jake laughed as he got an alcoholic drink, the one like what Matthew was drinking. “Too much drama.” He added. Jake raised his glass and said, “Cheers, for being free at last.”


Hours, it took them hours in the party. Matthew drank a lot already, he lost count. He wasn’t even sober anymore. He had been with countless girls already. He danced and drank a lot but no one seemed to care. After all, nearly everyone in the house was drunk. They wouldn’t be in great trouble because they were all 20 and above. Matthew was 20, but even if he was young, he’d be drunk like this in parties.

“S**t,” Matthew exclaimed as he finished drinking a glass of Jack Daniel’s. “It’s 3:30 already. Dude, I’m going now.” He addressed to Jake. Jake merely nodded; he was still having a great time. Matthew went out of the house, barely able to walk straight. He saw Princess by the gate and went towards her, “Princess, tell your sis I went home already, okay?” his words were slurred but Princess was able to understand it. She nodded, “You’ll drive alone?” she asked. Matthew nodded, giving her a thumb up. “Be careful, you’re drunk!” she exclaimed, making sure Matthew could hear her from the distance. Matthew gave her a thumb up again to tell her that he heard her.

Matthew went inside of his car, starting the engine. He had a headache but he was used to these. He knew he’d be fine, it would take him just a few minutes to get to the headquarters and into their house and back into his room. Matthew drove recklessly, not knowing what he was doing. He was nearly asleep when he heard a loud crash and looked up. His adrenaline was rushing. He couldn’t breathe. He was shouting swear words, his car just crashed to a bus that crashed to another bus. He fought to get air but he couldn’t, his head was bleeding badly.


Matthew woke up and all he could see was white. It wasn’t clear, but he was sure he wasn’t in his room or in the hospital. He felt okay, he touched his forehead and there was no blood anymore. He felt strong and healthy as ever. He opened his eyes and looked around, “Where am I?” he said. His voice echoed all over the place. Nothing else was there, only him and a white background. He looked at his left, white. He looked at his right, white. He looked above, white. He looked down, white. He wasn’t wearing the last thing he wore; he wasn’t wearing his blue “I’m Boss” shirt, his jeans and his white and red shoes, instead, he was wearing a white polo, black slacks and black leather shoes. “Hello?’ he said and once again, his voice echoed. No one answered. “Hello?” he asked again, this time louder. His voice echoed once again. No one answered, but after a while. He heard someone moving. He looked all around and saw a man; the man was wearing the same thing he wore.

The man looked like he was in his late 30’s. He had a brown beard, his brown hair was long. He had brown eyes, too. “Who are you?” Matthew asked. “W-where am I?” he added, stuttering. Matthew knew that in his tone, he was scared, but he didn’t feel scared. He felt safe.

“Matthew, what have you done to your life?” the man said, ignoring his questions. He was walking nearer to Matthew.

“What do you mean?” Matthew asked. He was confused. He didn’t know this man; he didn’t know where he was. “Can you just tell me where I am?” Matthew asked rudely, he was starting to be annoyed.

“Ah, Matthew. You are in a place created in your head,” As the man said this, a building appeared a lot of feet away from them, a street, even. The street was filled of clubs and some buildings and people. There seemed to be a party in every building. Matthew wanted to run to that street but his feet wouldn’t bring his to. “Matthew, let me ask you again,” The man said and the street disappeared. “What have you done with your life?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Matthew said rudely. The man smiled.

“Of course you know what I’m talking about. Let me show you,” He said and a small square, it looked like a television, appeared in between them. “Watch that, Matthew.” The man said, more than ordered. Matthew looked at the television, intently watching it as flashes of his life appeared. From him being born, raised a good boy and ending up like what he was right now.

“Now, reflect on what you just watched.” The man said as the television-like square disappeared. Matthew closed his eyes as flashes of his life appeared in his mind. A single tear fell from his eyes. It was just now that he realized he wasn’t the person his parents raised him to be.

“I’m sorry.” Matthew said. He wanted to go home and hug his parents. He wanted to say sorry to everyone he hurt. He wanted to change.

“Why are you telling that to me?” the man said. Matthew opened his eyes. “You should’ve said sorry before everything was too late.” Matthew looked confused. “What do you mean ‘too late’?” He asked. The man gave him a small smile.

“Matthew, what was the last thing you did before you were here?”

“I was in a car accident,” The man nodded. Understanding flooded Matthew. “No, I can’t be dead. I don’t belong here,” Matthew was already panicking. “I need another chance, another chance. I just want to change.” The man shook his head.

“You can’t Matthew. You’ve had your chance.” The man said. Matthew stared at him in disbelief. I can’t be dead. I need another chance to live. I don’t belong here. I want to go home. Matthew thought. Matthew didn’t expect it but the man slowly dissolved into thin air.

“No! Wait! Please, give me another chance!” He screamed. Before the man totally dissolved and was gone, he shook his head, looking sorry. Matthew cried. He didn’t want to die, but he just had to accept his new reality.

© 2011 TheMizFit

Author's Note

Thoughts? Tell me on how I could make it better. Criticism is very much welcome! :)

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