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Isaac is a comics writer of RoboTech in the 21st Century but also the bank robber known as Red Hood who's creating new forms of social diction.

Alright, here's one more comics-oriented heist fan-fiction referencing multiple storytelling and media genres and inspired by the film The Thieves (China). Thanks so much for reading (and enjoy!), 

New age comics had a strange ethereal sensibility and catered to daydreams about fantastic realms and youthful courage and offbeat storytelling. This sort of medium required a new kind of folkloric storyteller, one who was willing to reach out to multiple age groups as audience bases. One such artist-writer was Isaac Satan who had a peculiar fascination and propensity for RoboTech media, a sci-fi space-opera about incredible robots and very non-standard forms of romance.

Isaac wanted to create a new series of RoboTech stories specifically dealing with thieves, heists, and thief-kings or thief-princes in the RoboTech universe. He wanted to portray these robbers in a futuristic sci-fi robotics universe of warfare as special 'swordsman' who wielded power over the influence of property and treasure dislocation and extraction. To Isaac, these RoboTech thief-prince comics stories would symbolize a new kind of rebelliousness oriented storytelling. Isaac Satan was a new age Stan Lee, using underground fan-fiction arenas to cast RoboTech as a visionary realm of unusual machinery and machinations. Isaac was a real dude!

However, Isaac was a real bank robber as well in America. He wanted to dress up in strange masks and disguises and rob banks all over the USA. No one knew he was the iconic underground fan-fiction writer of RoboTech media who'd become nationally known among underground sci-fi and adventure comics fans. However, as a bank robber, Isaac was equally socially unnerving and displacing!

ISAAC SATAN: "The way I robbed the Toronto Dominion-TD Bank in Toronto (Canada) was I walked in pretending to be an Amish man with a terrible flu and therefore wearing a head gear and mask and heavy glasses and a scarf; I told the teller I had a self-assembled miniature pistol in my briefcase and to promptly direct me to the bank vault, because I'd already scrambled the bank's computer security system by rerouting all informant signals to the wrong police station; the bank personnel wanted no trouble with me and even helped me walk out peacefully out of the bank with over $20 million in cash."

Isaac told the press he was now known as the Red Hood, since he brought calamity news about the capitalism signals of scarlet and hoped people wouldn't forget about the problems of globalization commerce with his news-shattering deeds about capital waving bank robberies. Isaac ('Red Hood') was romanticized in The Post and The Herald, but The Times called him a lunatic. Meanwhile, Isaac's childhood friend, a mad scientist, had been developing a secret mecha-tentacle device in his garage since he was young and had perfected an overall villainy suit which enabled him to transform into the evil Doctor Octopus. Now Doctor Octopus ('Doc Ock') wanted to catch and destroy Red Hood.

DOCTOR OCTOPUS: "I'm sure this Red Hood is someone I've known from my past, and I'll take him down to drown out some of this capitalism angst folkloric talk in the press about bank robbery romanticization, because I know at the very least, this sort of outright cynicism will reach my childhood estranged and betraying friend and now-rival Isaac Satan, who's now a famed underground comics fan-fiction writer for RoboTech; I intend to turn this Fabletics-driven America into a Satanic hellmouth."

Well, Red Hood continued to rob banks, and his daring deeds prompted more comics fans to suggest this sort of folklore would inspire the marketing of inventive imagery and storytelling and arguably even color-symbolic toys representing the new aesthetics of institutional rebelliousness. They were right, because Red Hood folklore prompted more sales of police and military vehicles which could be oriented as modernism symbols of crime-fighting excitement!

One specific toy was a fire-station Lamborghini from Hasbro and Marvel's Transformers, which became synonymous in underground comics fan-fiction forums as a totem of the socialization paranoia intrigue created by Red Hood (Isaac Satan). This was great marketing for a sub-culture audience interested in alternative forms of entertainment!

However, Red Hood's antics inspired a psychopath named Hannibal to copycat his robberies, and the first bank he hit was of course the Toronto Dominion-TD Bank in Toronto (Canada).

It turned out this masked Hannibal character was none other than Hollywood super-celebrity Christian Bale who ironically was known for his roles as the valiant American Gotham City masked vigilante Batman!

Fortunately, there was an industry retaliation and appropriate civics-driven response encouraged and endorsed by multiple new gen actors and actresses who wanted to remind youngsters that bank robbery was in no way condoned by any standard form of sane governance in modern-day America. In fact, one actress tied Red Hood to the trauma of 9/11 in her TV movie titled Another Day.

ISAAC SATAN: "I've stolen enough money now to retire in Canada and just sit back and enjoy Toronto Maple Leafs ice-hockey games on my new eBay purchased Hitachi Plasma hi-def television, and I've reached some kind of American Dream I think."

DOCTOR OCTOPUS: "I'll find Isaac Satan somehow and ruin his mind before dismantling the Red Hood himself, by George!"

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on October 5, 2020
Last Updated on October 5, 2020
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