Springer-Cyclonus: Mechanical Engineering {Planet}

Springer-Cyclonus: Mechanical Engineering {Planet}

A Story by Abishai100

Robot spies observe Earth capitalist race activity and note the 'personality' of commerce-life storytelling for superstition/art.

An avatar-reference of the robot-adventure franchise Transformers inspired by the civilization-culture themes of Capitalism: A Love Story (Michael Moore). 


SPRINGER: We're tired of this Cybertronian war between the Autobots-Decepticons my once-friend (Cyclonus), you rascal.
CYCLONUS: I agree (totally), once-friend (Springer); yeah, let's journey for an Earth capitalist race examination of Ego (ha).

Springer and Cyclnonus, once-friends, and now 'unofficial' defectors from their respective Cybertron robot-planet army-sides of the Autobots (democracy-champions) and Decepticons (fascist-terrorists), decided to travel to Earth and investigate and spy on human capitalism from the moon and observed the traffic 'personality' tied to commerce-life Ego and social-media/'Selfie' culture of traffic-oriented lifestyle consumerism and friendship-driven economics exchanges for business/fashion...and the building of community values storyboards.

SPRINGER: These humans remind me of forest-dwelling 'gnomes' with special angst and passion for network-chess capitalism.
CYCLONUS: They're a 'nifty' blend of politics-journalism and media and capitalism-ambition driven community storytelling.

Springer/Cyclonus were spying on a Chicago resident sibling-pair (brother-sister), Amlan and Inuyasha Satan, from Algeria, who moved to the challenged Windy-City of Bulls-Bears markets and lived off inherited fortunes to manage a small cyber-fanzine initiative of capitalism-rhetoric for treasure-storyboards and fortune superstition and re-presented various commerce-life Ego 'gems' like Olympics-Topps baseball cards reflecting an Earth capitalist race 'consciousness' regarding the pure ambition behind sharing of diamonds and investment cards.

AMLAN: This Olympics-card sets the tone for post-9/11 era Earth-race securities in commerce-life storytelling for sanity!
INUYASHA: Absolutely; in fact, the Topps treasure surpasses many like it for community-tales of consumerism defense (USA).
AMLAN: Let's make a cyber-comic for our Windy-City club about how the treasure invokes a superstition about risky business!
INUYASHA: That's got potential; we could say the Olympics-card bred Chicago-competition among mafia-sons for street-chess.
AMLAN: I'll suggest the Topps-card had some 'strange' hypnotic power over these 'sons-of-anarchy' for capitalism-Ego distance.

SPRINGER: These siblings are the greatest pair of social-media culture cyber-capitalism lore surrounding treasure-daydreams.
CYCLONUS: Undoubtedly; if slimy Martians spied on humans, they'd note Amlan/Inuyasha become capitalist angels for peace!
SPRINGER: We can report back on Cybertron we noticed how Earthling social-media society fostered lifestyle humors/fears.
CYCLONUS: Yeah...in fact, I'll report to my Decepticon general-master (Galvatron) we conceived of defenses in capitalism-IQ.
SPRINGER: Seems this 'poker-spy-game' for Earth-capitalism notations yielded in us a special 'image' of humorous activity.
CYCLONUS: Perhaps such a 'race' would never (ever) be threatened by a form of 'deconstruction' invasion.
SPRINGER: Capitalism just may help 'elected' elves/species.

"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on February 2, 2023
Last Updated on February 2, 2023
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